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At Devil’s Isle, we serve only grass-fed beef and certified humane chicken which are hormone and antibiotic free. Whenever available we use locally-grown vegetables and local fish in proud support of the Bermuda farming & fishing community. These relationships are built on trust and a mutual commitment to sustainable, natural products and practices.

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Have you ever imagined to enjoy our delicious breakfast or lunch at home? Now, exactly this is possible. Visit our online store, choose your favorite meal and pick it up right at the front desk of our Devil’s Isle. Try it out, it’s worth it.

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There are over 100 coffee species, but only two are produced commercially: Arabica (Coffea Arabica) and Robusta (Coffea Canephora). Robusta coffee is grown near sea level, whereas Arabica is grown at an altitude of at least 600m in cool, subtropical climates where they need plenty of moisture, rich soil, shade and sunlight. The temperature and environment at higher elevations are the perfect conditions for the beans to develop the complexity and subtleties of flavour for which it is cherished.

The Arabica beans we use for Devil’s Isle specialty coffees are carefully quality-assured at every stage of their journey from the farm to your cup, to ensure an exceptional taste in every handcrafted batch.

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Stop by at Devil’s Isle Deli and pick up your keep cup today and dive into our exclusive sustainable product selection.

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