About Us

It is our mission to serve delicious fresh, natural and nutritious food with creativity and passion in a contemporary environment that excites the senses and rejuvenates the spirit.

We exist to inspire, excite, move and bring people together through what and how we serve.

As a company we share our core values with all our employees and community:

  • We have a Passion for food and encourage healthy lifestyles
  • We love Teamwork and thrive to provide best customer service
  • We treat both the people and the planet with Respect
  • We participate in Community work through supporting youth and health orientated charities
  • We love Trendsetting by sourcing ingredients for innovative menus



Our customers are people, just like us.

Our service is the way we show how much we care.


we trust

While Bermuda does not have a legal standard or certifying body for organic produce, the local farmers we work with stand by firm principles and stake their reputations on their professional integrity. They do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, GMO, artificial additives or plant growth hormones. They keep their promises.

At Devil’s Isle, we serve only grass-fed beef and certified humane chicken which are hormone and antibiotic free. Whenever available we use locally-grown vegetables and local fish in proud support of the Bermuda farming & fishing community. These relationships are built on trust and a mutual commitment to sustainable, natural products and practices.



Devils Isle Restaurant is committed to supporting ecological, community and humanitarian initiatives both locally and around the world.

Eliza DoLittle Society Daily Bread Programme

Many families and individuals in Bermuda struggle to make ends meet, which can sometimes mean they are unable to afford basics including food. As the top contributor, Take Five Ltd. regularly donates food to the Daily Bread Programme, where volunteers ensure it reaches those in our society who need it most. We don’t want to see anyone going hungry in Bermuda and hope our support of this food aid program will help those who have fallen on hard times to focus their energy on improving their situation for the future.


Is a Bermuda registered charity (#922) formed to create greater awareness of the devastation that child sexual abuse can cause in the life of an innocent child, their affected family and a community. Through donated monthly breakfast during their Training Program ‘Darkness to Light Stewards of Children’ we show our commitment to individuals and organizations entrusted with children to Prevent, Recognize, and React Responsibly to child sexual abuse.

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We believe that teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows people to achieve uncommon results. It is our aim to create conditions that foster teamwork to provide the best customer service.

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Only together we can improve!

We want your visit to Devil’s Isle Restaurant & Deli to be a positive experience, please tell us what you liked and what made your day. If there is something that you would like to see improved, we are open to your suggestions. Our team would be happy to hear your feedback.

The more details you provide, the easier it’s for us to get into action and improve your Devils Isle experience.