10 Reasons Why We Love to Work at Devil’s Isle

10 Reasons Why We Love to Work at Devil’s Isle

The Bermuda restaurant industry has another record year behind it – there’s potential, even for the employee. There are so many unique opportunities that this exceptional work environment offers.

Here are 10 reasons why we love working at Devil’s Isle!

1. / A world of possibilities

No matter in which area in our restaurant you are working at, you will learn skills and soft skills that you can apply in many other areas of life. This will open the door for you all over the world and you can work in the place that suits you best.

2. / variety

In our restaurant, there are usually no classic 9-5 jobs. You are very flexible – in the work itself, as well as your working hours. And as you experience new situations and scenarios every day, you do not lack sources of inspiration.img 2144 300x204 - 10 Reasons Why We Love to Work at Devil's Isle

3. / You make people happy

Every day you can take care of new guests – to create a very special, unforgettable stay. And someone who makes others happy is inevitably happy!

4. / It’s creative

Whether you work in the kitchen, at the bar or on the floor, you can always find new ways to take your own work to the next level. Try yourself, network with your colleagues and learn from each other.

5. / Try new jobs

There are so many different jobs in the restaurant industry. You never just get stuck in your own area and constantly test your skills in other workspaces – until you find your dream job. Within Take Five we take training and developing people serious, that’s why we have developed an In-House Training Academy for our Front of House staff.

6. / Amazing team members

At Devil’s Isle we have team members from all over the world, who bring amazing skills and knowledge to the table. We are a family within the wider Take Five Family, we celebrate birthdays and any other parties that bring us together, we pull together when someone is in need and we make sure that make every new staff member and customer feels welcome!4e94c645 1a49 422c 9077 77d8e20c6c8c 300x225 - 10 Reasons Why We Love to Work at Devil's Isle


7. / space to grow

Since you often take responsibility quickly, meet many different colleagues and work in various teams, you  quickly develop personally but also on a professional level. With several educational classes available, whether those speak to product knowledge or include soft skill trainings, we will make sure, that we will provide you with room for growth.

8. / The dynamics

Many things are constantly changing: the preferences of our customers, the competition, new trends and new technologies. No joke – the hospitality industry is a fast-paced environment.

9. / Your job is safe

Even in bad times, people have to eat something and need a bar/person to talk to. Besides, you cannot just “outsource” a restaurant like ours.

10./ It’s fun

It’s a very lively atmosphere that you will not find in any other profession. Every day there are new, exciting challenges to master – you just cannot get bored!