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Welcome to Devil’s Isle, where mouth-watering aromas mingle with the buzz of conversation in the air. The warm and carefree atmosphere makes Devil’s Isle the perfect place to meet, relax and have fun in the heart of the city.

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We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our specialty coffee beans. We offer a selection of 100% Arabica beans – which are certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and carefully selected from around the world by Direct Trade or Fair Trade. Our award-winning Roaster hand-roasts and expertly blends the beans right here in Bermuda using a ‘small batch’ process. This brings out unique flavor profiles and ensures consistent high quality and freshness. For coffee lovers like us there is no greater pleasure than the aroma and first sip of a great coffee. We aim to share that enjoyment with you in every cup.

We offer single origin coffees from different parts of the world like Central and South America and Africa.

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10 Reasons Why We Love to Work at Devil’s Isle

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The Bermuda restaurant industry has another record year behind it – there’s potential, even for the employee. There are so many unique opportunities that this exceptional work environment offers. Here are 10 reasons why we love working at Devil’s Isle! 1. / A world of possibilities No matter in which area in our restaurant you are working at, you will learn skills and soft skills that you can apply in many other areas of life….

Our Green Attitude at Devil’s Isle

2018 10 31 12.26.44 1 - Devil's Isle Coffee Bermuda

We like to incorporate green living and attitudes into our daily routines across all our restaurants. These steps are simple to implement, and we rest assured knowing we are not consciously contributing to any negative effects on the environment. Starting with our signature coffee at the Devil’s Isle and our Bunn Crescendo Coffee machines. Our locally roasted coffee under the supervision of our expert roasters leaves a minimal carbon footprint. We know capsules have disastrous…



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With menus featuring talented chefs from around the world we can provide endless possibilities to make your event successful. From delicious Bowl Concepts, to Sushi & Ceviche stations featuring local fish or themed buffets including natural and nutritious food that elevate your senses.

    • Corporate Events such as office lunches & dinners, staff appreciations, cocktail parties
    • Social Events such as birthdays, anniversaries, summer parties and any other themed party
    • Weddings from intimate weddings with 10 people to large scale weddings for up to 1000 people

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